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Add any option to any style pool

A variety of options are available. Following are some descriptions and guidelines of Swimming Pool options that can be included with your Swimming Pool. Personal taste plays a big role here, with a balance of budget and imagination.


Pool Features are grouped into categories based on option type:


  •  Decorative Mosaics -  Decorative Pool Tile and other Mosaics with a sea animal or underwater scene as motive, Tile Dolphin, Shells, and other designs.
  •  Sconces and Rosettes, Scuppers, Aqua Gardens
  •  Jump Rock, Poolside WOK


  • Poolside Gas Accessories - This is our Pool Side Fire pit that gives that added warm look and feel to your backyard. Ideal for nighttime entertainment by the swimming pool. Other Accessories like Lights, Outdoor Kitchens, Arbors, Gazebos, Bar


  • Pool Water features - Pool Jets, Sprays Bubblers, Pencil Jets, Roman Fountains
  • Swimming Pool Slides -  Stand alone Pool Slides or build into Rock Waterfall
  • Rock Waterfall - Running Water sounds add to backyard atmosphere


Pool Construction Features


  • Pool Beach or Gradual Entry - For Added aesthetics, a Beach Entry Look, Health Entry
  • Tanning Ledge Shelf - Sun Bathing while keeping cool in Pool water
  • Sheer Descent Waterfalls - Raised Pool Wall with Waterfall Built in


Pool Water Features - Fountains, Jets, Pool Bubblers, Sprays


Pool Fountains come in a variety of water fittings and jets that are mounted inside of the water area of the Swimming Pool or in ground spa / Hot Tub. Typically a jet will be mounted inside a Tan Shelf to make a Bubbler Effect.


Then for the Roman Fountains, also known as Pencil Jets, a thin stream jet is mounted inside the Pool Deck area, flush with the Swimming Pool Deck, for a very stylish look around the pool. Less expensive effect can be achieved with Fan Spray type Spray fittings, mounted in the wall of the pool.


Beach Entry, Tan Shelf, Sheer Descents


A Gradual entry into pool area is referred to as a Beach Entry. This can be a requirement for both aesthetics, (nice look), and ease of entry, for some health reasons.

A tan shelf (also known as a Tanning Ledge), is similar in construction to a beach entry, except that is actually the first step of the swimming pool, with about 6 inches water depth.

A sheer Decent refers to a wall of typically 18 inches high. A plumbing fixture is cast into this wall, and the final product is called a Sheer Descent Waterfall, Sheer Descents, Water Arcs, Rain Arcs.


Different kinds of waterfall effects can be achieve, depending on the fitting. I.E. a smooth water flow, a Rain Arc type flows, or multiple stream type flows.


Swimming Pool Slides


Swimming Pool Slides / Water Slides come with molded in plumbing, so that water flow is provided to the slide. Many different designs are available, and range in size, (the length of the slide), and also in height.
Alfresco Pools design the pool so that the Pool Slide Catch are and depth requirements are in accordance with the Pool Slide manufacturer's installation guidelines, to meet their requirements.


Rock Waterfalls, Jump Rocks


Rock Waterfalls are built on a waterfall pad, that forms part of the swimming pool shell. Rock Waterfalls will have a number a tons associated with it, to depict the size. A typical waterfall will be either 2-ton, 3-tons, 4-tons and so on. The smallest Rock Waterfall on average is around two (2) tons of rock.


Updated: 24 Oct 2022

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