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Inline or Electronic Chlorinators

Automatic Inline Chlorine Feeders


Rainbow Automatic Inline Chlorine Feeders is the efficient, easy way to sanitize your pool or spa.


The Rainbow™ models 300 and 320 automatic chlorine/bromine feeders  reduce manual handling of chemicals. They use large or small Trichlor or Bromine slow-dissolving tablets to make sanitizing your new or existing pool or spa easy and automatic.


Both install easily on the pressure side of the pump, downstream of the filter and heater.


Electronic Chlorine Generator for In-ground pools


The Aqua Rite is the easiest way for you to sanitize your pool, and keep your pool crystal clear. The Aqua Rite uses common salt (the same salt used in water conditioners) and converts it into "free" chlorine.

Updated: 24 Oct 2022

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