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The "LEAK PROOF" Pool Building Process

Alfresco Pools is the only "Leak Proof" swimming pool builder in Houston.


This ESR proprietary pool plumbing system was developed to eliminate leaks in pool plumbing, caused by clay / expansive soil types. (Also referred to as "Gumbo").


Plumbing Leaks in Traditional Pools


Traditionally, the plastic PVC pipes for pool plumbing are routed in trenches next to the pool, and later covered with soil. The pool concrete deck is then poured around the pool, on top of the plumbing.


In Houston (and other areas) with clay and "gumbo" soil types with high shrink and swell characteristics, a great number of swimming pool leaks occur each year, as a result of the soil movement caused by the hydrating and dehydrating of the soil during different rainfall seasons.

For pools, this soil movement has the effect of cracking plumbing fittings, dislocating glue joints, and cracking pipes, causing plumbing leaks. The only way to get to and repair these leaks in traditional pools is to break up the deck, surrounding the pool. This is costly, and will leave the deck with unsightly patches.

Research with two of the big leak detection companies in Houston, revealed that more than 5,000 (Five Thousand) leaks in swimming pools are being detected and repaired per year.

Alfresco Pools is building our "Leak Proof Pools" with our ESR - "Leak Proof Pool" system (Patent Pending), that was designed to do away with swimming pool leaks.

This difference from other Houston Swimming Pool Builders allows us the ability to offer extended warranties against plumbing leaks on pools built with the ESR pool plumbing system.


Soil with high Shrink and Swell Characteristics

Houston Black is a classification of soil that have a very high shrink-swell characteristic. This Highly Expansive Soil Structure will shrink and swell considerably with different moisture content.

This soil is a Hall of Fame Series and a Benchmark Soil Series.

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Spatial data for soil surveys include a Taxonomy Report with Characterization Data that indicate the Cole (Coefficient of Linear Extensibility) indicating shrink / swell characteristics of soils. Soil with particles 2u in size, has a Cole of 0.06 - 0.09 which is high, > 0.09 is very high. This is normally the case for soils classified as the “smectitic” Family.

Updated: 24 Oct 2022

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