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Standard Incandescent Lights


Incandescent Lights are standard on all pools. A single 500 Watt full-size pool light is used for average sized pools, and two or more lights for larger swimming pools, with a 100 Watt Spa light mounted in Spas.

Alfresco Pools  installs lights in Stainless steel housings, called niches, for long life protection against rust.


Of the Pool Light options, the Standard type Incandescent Lights are still the most cost effective. A very inexpensive lens cover will set a very different night time mood. This is only a lens over, and not a Colored Light.


Standard Pool and Spa Light Features


  • Lamp Life/hours 6,000 - 8,00 hours
  • Prism type tempered glass lens
  • Stainless steel face ring
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Easy Access stainless steel clamp for Lamp replacement
  • Plastic snap-on colored face ring covers available
  • Each light comes complete with a magenta and blue lens cover


Updated: 24 Oct 2022

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