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From Brushed Concrete to Flagstone Deck

The Swimming Pool Deck is the walkway around the pool. Any Deck Finish can be used to go with your Pool design.

Alfresco Pools typically uses a 2' to 3' wide deck around the pool, (or any additional width as required by our customers), extending into a larger area connecting to the house or existing patio.


Many times the old patio is a small concrete pad, that will be removed and replaced with the same type of deck surrounding the pool.


Brushed Concrete

Most cost effective, extremely durable


Rainbow Colored Pea Gravel

Most widely used, extremely durable, economical. Enhance the look by adding Flagstone runners / inlays.


Colored Concrete & Salt Finish

Choose from a variety of Colors for this finish. Economical cost.

Spray Deck

Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, SPRAY-DECK is ideal for residential or commercial applications for pool decks and patios. It is also ideal to use if we havce to cover an existing patio, in order to match the pool deck. The unique chemistry of SPRAY-DECK provides a durable surface cover for concrete that is low maintenance, and resistant to staining and mildew.


Stamped Concrete / Stamped Overlay Concrete

For new decks or existing decks. Choose from a variety of Patterns Colors and Stains

Updated: 24 Oct 2022

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