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Standard Lights



Standard Incandescent or Colored LED Lights

Pool lighting options are numerous, and have evolved from standard white Incandescent lamps, to a variety of options including Colored lighting.

Lights come in a variety of configurations, but the main categories are standard lights, using Incandescent lamps, and Colored LED Lights, using high intensity LED technology for a wide range of colors.
Swimming Pool Lights comes standard on all pools that Alfresco Pools builds. Typically a pool will have at least one pool light, and one Spa light, if the pool has a spa. Lights are mounted in housings, called niches, and could be manufactured from either Stainless Steel, or Plastic. Alfresco Pools installs lights in Stainless steel housings, called niches, for long life protection against rust.


Pool Standard Lighting


Standard Lights are white Incandescent Lights. A single 500 Watt full-size pool light is used for average sized pools, and two or more lights for larger swimming pools, with a 100 Watt Spa light mounted in Spas.


Pool Colored Lighting


LED lighting is the most energy efficient colored-lighting option on the market. These Pool and Spa lights are LED lights, making it superior in Lamp hours, 50,000 hours compared to 4,000 hours for Tungsten Lamps, or 6,000 - 8,000 hours for traditional white Incandescent lamps. (See comparison chart).

Other colored light options include Fiber Optic lighting, but the many quality features and long-lasting performance, make LED lighting a prefered choice for Colore Pool Lighting.

The Spectrum Amerlite (SAm) is a color light for swimming pools. These lights typically have twin 150 Watt 4,000 hour tungsten halogen bulbs.

The Spectrum AquaLight (SAL) is used for colored light effects in Spas. Spectrum AquaLight (SAL) has two 75 Watt 4,000 hour tungsten halogen bulbs.

Fiber Optics Lighting uses super capacity fiber optic cables in the end wall to distribute light from a light source to lens housings mounted in the pool.

All of the above three light technologies, use a mechanical rotating wheel, mounted on a color wheel motor shaft, to achieve color changes.

Updated: 24 Oct 2022

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