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FREE Online Swimming Pool Estimator (Page 1)

Choosing a Swimming Pool Package


Alfresco Pools tailors all designs to suite projects. To help potential customers use this Online Estimator, we grouped the options based on past customer requirements.


Each project is different. This Online Estimating Tool is only a guideline, and will estimate the pool price based on your input. We will provide you with the exact estimate for your swimming pool after a meeting with and / or visit to the property. The price includes the final design showing all the options included.


Configure Your Swimming Pool in a few easy steps


Click on the various items below, click the Calculate Estimate button at the bottom of the page, and the Estimator will calculate your pool cost.


Estimate includes all pool & cleaning equipment, permits, start-up and training.


CLICK Here for MEDIUM to LARGE Pool Sizes


Complete Pool Size: Select one of the following:
10' x 22'  10' x 24'  12' x 22'  12' x 24'  13' x 24'  14' x 26'
 (17' x 34' Recommended minimum length required for diving board.)
(Upgrade) Pool Depths: 3'6" to 6'; or 3'6"- 5'- 4'6" are included. Add to deep end:
6' 6"    7' 0"    7' 6"    8' 0"    8' 6"    9' 0"  - Call if over 9 Ft.
 (8 Ft. Depth is the Recommended minimum depth required for diving board).
(Upgrade) Plaster: Standard White included. Upgrade to QuartzScapes color. 
  Tier I      Tier II     Tier III          (Tier I colors are light, Tier III darker).

(Upgrade) Deck 300 Sq. Ft. Brushed concrete included. Upgrade to:
Pea Gravel    Spray Deck   Stamped Concrete  (All 300 Sq. Ft.)

(Upgrade) Lights: Pool & Spa Standard included. Upgrade to Colored LED lights:
x1 LED Pool Light       2nd LED Pool Light       x1 LED Spa Light

                                                                    Swimming Pool Sub Total :          

Spa: Raise: 0" / 6" /12"   -  With Spillover Type:
0"    6"    12" Standard    12" Flagship    12" Signature

                                                                                       Sub Total Spa :           
Rock Waterfall (Tons) :                 Bubblers  (or)        Pencil Jets:
2 Ton  3 Ton   5 Ton                 (x2) Bubblers    (x2) Jets
Sheer Descent (Raised Wall) / Waterfall Size: 
5 Ft. / 3'  10 Ft. / 4'  15 Ft. / 5'   20 Ft.  / 6'
Salt System
Salt System (Electronic Chlorine Generator)

Tan Ledge, Beach Entry:                      Slide, Diving board:
Tan Ledge      Beach Entry             Slide       Diving Board

                                     Additional Option & Water Features sub Total :           

                                                                                     Project Total :           

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