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Pool Details

Size Range:

Perimeter Range:



Coping: Flagstone

Decking: Pea gravel

Spa: 7' Diameter,

Raised 12" with

Cascade Spillover

3 Standard steps

4 Ft. Bench


30'x15' to 45'x17' Typically

80' - 110' Typically



2 HP Pump

1 HP Water Feature Pump

425 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter

400,000 BTU Heater

Pool & Spa light

Two skimmers

Automatic Pool Cleaner


Price Range:

$ 38,000 - $ 48,000


Upgrades *not included*

Long life Quartz Plaster 

High Rate Sand or D.E. Filter 

Tan Ledge / Beach entry

Rock Waterfall / Slide

Fountain Jets or other Water features

Colored LED Lights



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